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The Buzz Fly Trap

The Buzz Fly Trap 

  • Just Add Water: leave the sachet of super effective bait attractant in the bottle and add the required amount of water to activate it - flies love it
  • Disposable fly trap: flies get in, but can't get out. Simply wait until the trap is full of flies and bin it with household refuse
  • Proven effective fly catcher: keeps working for over four weeks or until trap is full
  • For outdoor use only: bait attracts flies from up to a 10m radius. Hang or position free-standing
  • Easy to set up: after adding water, hang using the tie provided or stand fly trap in outdoor, garden areas that receive sunlight but minimal wind

JAW Fly Trap from The Buzz is a disposable fly catcher which must be positioned in outdoor, garden areas. The included attractant works to attract flies from up to 10m away so the trap shouldn’t be used near areas where people sit, or indoors. The trap is easy to set up and use. Containing water-activated bait, flies can get in, but can’t get out. Simply fill the insect trap, then bin it when full, perfect for clean and easy trap disposal. The JAW Fly Trap keeps working for up to four weeks or until it’s full. As the trap contains no poisons or chemicals, it’s ideal for use around children or pets. Check regularly to ensure that the water level is maintained, don’t allow the trap to dry out in high temperatures as this will reduce effectiveness. When the trap is full, push down the lid and twist to lock it closed. The trap and contained flies can then be disposed of with household waste.

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