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Ec And pH Testers

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Bluelab Conductivity Pen (EC or ppm) 4

Bluelab Conductivity Pen (EC or ppm)

The ultimate handy solution for measuring conductivity (EC or ppm) and temperature! Features  Measures conductivity and temperature ...


BlueLab pH Pen 4

BlueLab pH Pen

Features   Measures pH and temperature Selectable units for temperature Backlit LCD display Double junction probe (not replaceable) ...


ViatLink PH Test Indicator 4

ViatLink PH Test Indicator

PH Test Indicators These handy pH test indicators give a quick reading of the ph of solutions making them ideal for the grow room. The VitaLink...


EC40 - Nutrient Meter 5

EC40 - Nutrient Meter

  EC40 - Nutrient Meter Readings are displayed on an easy to read graph bar with 20 LEDs. The readings are displayed in four measuring...


Nutradip Tri Meter 8

Nutradip Tri Meter

This continuous monitoring system requires no batteries, just plug it in an AC wall receptacle and the meter will remain in a calibrated mode for...


Essentials pH Test Kit 10

Essentials pH Test Kit

Our Essentials pH kit is good for 150 tests. At the rate of 3 tests per week it will last one year, making it excellent value for money.


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