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What is FLIRmask?

FLIRmask offers superior thermal radiation reflection and FLIR infrared thermal shielding, designed for use in Military thermal radar and signature management. FLIRmask is the perfect cost effective solution to protecting any field equipment with a very high IR signature.

FLIRmask is a multi-purpose material not only is it capable of FLIR infrared shielding but also this material offers significant thermal insulation from radiant heat sources.In our trials FLIRmask reflected 70% of the radiated heat when subjected to a staggering 600 deg C making FLIRmask the ideal solution for protecting anything in close proximity to high temperature devices and significantly reduces the radiated heat transfer into components, equipment structural assemblies and buildings.

During one of our trials we tested FLIRmask up against the current market leading foils and PET films claiming IR shielding & heat insulating properties. Flirmask was unique in its complete IR blackout ability and thermal reflecting tests.

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