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Ice Line Hose pipe 30m roll

Ice Line Hose pipe 30m roll

Ice Line™ is a revolutionary product for the industry by utilising a patent pending technology Ice Line™ will reduce the irrigation systems solution temperature down to safer levels which prevents the increased risk of bacterial growth contributing to root rot, help prevent the fall out of nutrients in slow flow irrigation systems such as Auto pot which leads to blocked valves, along with the added benefit of maintaining the correct oxygen levels within the solution which are massively reduced above 21 degrees. Increased plant health and reduced risks of problems associated with high water temperature in all systems especially flood and drain systems where the solution is sat in the irrigation line for long periods of time between feed cycles and transfers the heat through to any remaining solution within the outer pot. Tests shown that standard irrigation line on a flood and drain system reached almost 30 degrees! with a room temperature of 25 degrees whilst the Ice Line™ maintained at least 2/3 degrees below ambient.

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