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Atami BloomBastic

Bloombastic is a revolutionary nutritional supplement based on optimal levels of bio mineral nutrients in combination with our next generation bio stimulant activators. This product is scientifically formulated to provide a comprehensive array of micro nutrients to ensure that your plants get a well balanced diet and show signs of vitality and vigor.

Atami has identified an ideal PK ratio of 0-20-21 European NPK (for USA is the NPK 0-14-15) for explosive fruit setting and powerful flowering. When you combine this ideal PK ratio with our optimal level of mineral and micro nutrients, it will absolutely upgrade the quality of harvest and increase your yield no matter what base nutrient you are using.

Features & Benefits

  • Targets the plants energy needed at a cellular level.
  • Will provide an explosion of sugar and flower production as well as a massive production of resin crystals.
  • A substantial final weight increase is the net result of the above two points.
  • This product will also help the enzyme process on several levels and that will help your plants deal with stress factors such as high heat levels, dry air, high light intensity, disease, and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Using Bloombastic will also ensure a soft sweet flavor and aroma of the bloom.

You can use Bloombastic on all substrates, as:
(Potting)soil; Coco (compressed and welled up); Rockwool (surfaces and cubes); Mapito; Quantigo.

Bloombastic can be used in combination with all irrigation systems, as:
Nutrient Film Technique (NFT); Ebb and flow; Droppers; Sprinklers; Aeroponics; Bubblers.

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