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Bud Explosion 40g / 300g 20

Bud Explosion 40g / 300g

Bud Explosion 40g / 300g Use in the first 2 weeks for an explosive start to flowering. Bud Explosion should be used in the first two weeks of...

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Bud Monster 500g 10

Bud Monster 500g

Bud Monster 500g 0 - 50 - 30 + MgO Bud Monster assists your plant's growth during the middles stages of development. Bud Monster will...


Elixer Steroids 250ml / 1L /5L 50

Elixer Steroids 250ml / 1L /5L

Elixer Steroids 250ml / 1L Elixir steroids will give you the strongest and heaviest plants achievable. Orginally developed to help plants recover...

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Force Field 250ml 10

Force Field 250ml

Force Field 250ml Plant strengthening agent Nutrient uptake promoter Organically based ​Force Field is a plant aid that strengthens the...


Goliath 1L 9

Goliath 1L

Goliath 1L Plant weight gain - Late mass builder - Plant booster Goliath can be successfully used in all growing systems. Goliath will improve...


Liquid Heat 250ml 50

Liquid Heat 250ml

Liquid Heat 250ml Liquid heat has proven to reduce the effects of low temperatures in growing environments on plants, allowing the plants to not only...


Liquid Ice 250ml 10

Liquid Ice 250ml

Liquid Ice 250ml Liquid Ice has proven to reduce the effects of overheating in growing environments on plants, allowing the plants to not only cope...


Magi-Cal Extra 1L 10

Magi-Cal Extra 1L

Magi-Cal Extra 1L Magi-cal Extra will increase yield, improve health and growth. Contains: (w/w) 7.4% Magnesium (MgO eq) 6% Calcium (CaO eq) 5%...


MotherKare 250ml 10

MotherKare 250ml

MotherKare 250ml A product to maintain growth and health in the plant you use for cuttings, this product will improve side shoot development and...


Pixie Dust 150g 50

Pixie Dust 150g

Lightly sprinkle Pixie Dust on to your plants to remove and deter mites & insects. OR  lightly sprinkle Pixie Dust onto soil/coco/growing...


PK Bulk 1L / 5L 10

PK Bulk 1L / 5L

A 3-in-1 concentrated formula Supplement nutrition in flowering plants, maximises flower buds and enhances flowers with natural plant extract...

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Rocksoff 250ml 10

Rocksoff 250ml

Rocksoff  250ml A concentrated nutrient designed to stimulate and enhance flowering in all plants. Rocksoff can be successfully used in all...


Super Rootz 250ml 50

Super Rootz 250ml

Super Rootz 250ml A completely unique biostimulant containing humates and fulvates in combination with key amino and carboxlic acids with natural...


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