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Dutch Master Gold Potash + 1L

Potash + 1L x 17 in stock


  • The World’s Latest Technology In P-K Boosters!
  • Only The Best British & US Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients!
  • Maximises Weight, Colour And Size!
  • Works With All Nutrients, In All Systems And All Mediums!



New Gold Range POTASH+ is the latest of technologies in phosphorous and potassium boosters!

The original Dutch Master POTASH+, designed by our in-house Ph.D in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, was one of the first P-K boosters to be offered to all international growers. It contained multiple suites of various bloom boosting elements and proved itself to be a ‘best seller’ in the worldwide hydroponics industry.

New Gold Range POTASH+ contains all of the original formulas benefits with added next generation synergistic micro-element binding technology. Dutch Master has sourced the finest bio-available British and US Pharmaceutical grade phosphorus and potassium and blended them with a specialised suite of synergistic micro-elements that have proven to be exactly what a plant wants and needs.

During our latest research, Dutch Master recently discovered the plants genetically controlled flowering pathways and how to deliver those elements required for optimal blooms to where they’re needed most – the flowers themselves! Gold Range POTASH+ is one of the best ways to maximise your plants natural genetic flowering potential!

The end result is a brand new P-K Bloom Boosting product that leans on the latest technologies to give you, the grower, the leading edge in Bloom Boosting hydroponic tank additives.

Gold Range POTASH+ is designed specifically for use with all growing media and its high performance action performs equally well in any grow system – totally universal! Try it today and discover what thousands of growers around the world know!




For best results, see our Growers Tips and use the online Nutrient Calculator for an individualized interactive feeding program to suit your needs.

To use Gold Range POTASH+, simply follow these easy guidelines!

  1. Fill your reservoir or tank to 2/3rds of its capacity.
  2. Add Gold Range POTASH+ according to the online Nutrient Calculator or at the rate of 15 ml / 3 teaspoons per 10 litres / 2.6 gallons of final tank volume / size before you have added your primary nutrient.
  3. Add any other additives such as Gold Range ADD.27, Gold Range Zone or Gold Range SILICA stirring between each addition.
  4. Add your primary nutrient such as ADVANCE, ORIGINAL, Gold Range ONE, stirring well to mix. Please note – Gold Range POTASH+ is not to be used with Gold Range NUTRIENT as Gold Range NUTRIENT provides all the phosphorus the plants need during flowering.
  5. Top up your reservoir or tank with water to its final level or volume and check the nutrient strength using a TDS (PPM or EC) meter. If required, add more nutrients in until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength. If your nutrient solution is too strong then add fresh water until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength.
  6. Adjust pH to approximately 5.5 for Rockwool, Perlite, Clay, Vermiculite, Aeroponics, DWC, NFT, Hydro or Coco users or 5.9 for dirt or soilless systems such as Promix or Sunshine mix. See Growers Tips for more info.
  7. Feed according to your systems normal requirements.







  • 17 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Dutch Master

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