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The Ultimate in Root Protection.

Future Harvests’ Plantacillin contains the beneficial bacteria - Bacillus subtilis GB03, a naturally occurring bacteria that colonizes and lives on plant roots and root hairs. Bacillus subtilis GB03 is gram-positive (spore producing), making it extremely persistent and able to withstand stressful conditions like heat, drought, and cold.

Plantacillin’s non-clogging, non-abrasive liquid formulation also includes a food source to ensure the survival of the GB03 once they are applied.

This means they act like an enzyme factory in the growers’ reservoir or grow medium. Plantacillin is 100% natural, and contains no chemicals.

What does this mean for you and your plants?

Well, to start with, you’ll get some secondary benefits that you wouldn’t when using chemicals. For instance, it is a known fact that the use of chemical products will actually prune the roots of your plants. In stark contrast to chemical fungicides, Plantacillin actually encourages stronger, denser root mass and length!

That is because Bacillus subtilis GB03 excretes auxin-like substances that encourage such growth. The product is also easy to use and extremely concentrated with a dilution rate of only 1ml per 4L!

Plantacillin can be reservoir-mixed with fertilizers without detrimental effects to the product. That’s right … you won’t have to do any extra work with Plantacillin and that can mean big time savings!

The difference between bacteria and enzymes is beyond the scope of this section but basically your customers and clients can understand the main difference as follows; enzymes become in active once they have done there job-bacterium do not they continue to reproduce in the system and continue to be active therefore. GB03 survives from ‘eating’ bad bacteria so it acts like a guard against disease.

Plantacillin also contains a broad spectrum anti-biotic for increased plant protection.

Works throughout the life of your chosen plants, is highly beneficial in situations where trouble with the pythium virus is common such as poorly oxygenated hydroponics systems.


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